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Alexandra Parker

Alex started Pilates many years ago at the recommendation of her chiropractor as she was suffering from constant neck and back ache due to her appalling posture. Alex knew she needed to take action to correct her posture, which would eliminate her pain. The chiropractor suggested Pilates, so she sceptically gave it a try.

Alex hasn't looked back. It took time to eliminate bad or less than ideal movement patterns and build the ‘correct’ muscles but this was the catalyst that started her Pilates Journey.

Years later I decided that I needed a career change and my wonderful Pilates teacher at the time encouraged me to train to become a Pilates teacher. I trained for over a year under Suzanne Scott and her team at the Scott Studio in Somerset to gain my accredited Matwork Qualification in Dec 2011.

I especially like to work with post natal ladies as well as the healing properties of moving correctly continue to amaze me all the time.

My main interests and goals for clients is to increase their muscle tone and their body awareness by learning to encorporate the exercises, alignment and correct muscles and movement patterns into their everyday lives, helping to combat aches and pains from work, motherhood and travel.

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We use a combination of modified Pilates and Pre Pilates exercises to keep you fit and maintain muscle tone.

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We use the latest theories and practices in the field of postnatal rehabilitation and exercise to ensure that you get the most from your practice.

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