Pilates is for everyone

People always say to me "I'm not flexible enough to do Pilates!" Rubbish.

You dont need to be flexible, you just need to be willing.

If you have an injury we can help you get fit and strong again. Pilates has a strong rehabilative side to its practice.

If you are unfit and want to get toned.

If you want to get your shape back after children or look after the grandchildren easily, and staying strong as you look after them.

If you are an athlete Pilates is wonderful at creating balance so you can compete at your best.

If you have conditions that affect your balance, your back, or your arms we can help.

We have classes for all ages and ability (and energy) levels.

We work in association with Physios, Chiropractors and consultants.

If you are unsure please contact us.

Prepare Prenatal Pilates by Paisley Pilates

Pilates is a wonderful way to keep mobile, strong and comfortable during pregnancy.

We use a combination of modified Pilates and Pre Pilates exercises to keep you fit and maintain muscle tone.

Discover prenatal pilates

Repair Postnatal Pilates by Paisley Pilates

Learn how to safely and correctly begin to exercise after giving birth.

We use the latest theories and practices in the field of postnatal rehabilitation and exercise to ensure that you get the most from your practice.

Discover postnatal pilates

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