Repair Postnatal Pilates by Paisley Pilates

Learn how to safely and correctly begin to exercise after giving birth.

We use the latest theories and practices in the field of postnatal rehabilitation and exercise to ensure that you get the most from your practice.

The Repair specialised post natal class has been designed with you in mind. This class is the first step towards exercise - think of it as a movement prescription rather than exercise. It has been formulated using the most up to date exercise and physiology research, Including physiotherapy research, Pilates practice and years of fine tuning the process. To bring you a full body reconditioning programme that will reconnect you to your body - getting the whole body moving and stronger with of course that pelvic floor and abdominal connection that will set you up for life!

What we do

Having a baby changes your body! So first things first let us start with some respect your body grew a whole and perfect human that is pretty phenomenal even our greatest scientist cant replicate that - kudos to your body!

This class is probably unlike any exercise class you have been to before i don't stand at the front and you copy me. Its more like coaching, to start with we need to get the body and the brain communicating again so that the muscles are working in harmony. There is a technique to learn and that is a bit of a knack, so you may find that everyone in the class is doing something slightly different as the small class sizes mean that the exercises are tailored to each individuals needs.

You can bring baby with you as well so need to find child care! Babies are welcome in the class until they are actively crawling as they are then too much of a distraction.

We start with the basics and that means learning to breathe correctly - sounds easy I know! it's harder than it sounds! We then incorporate the breath technique into movement - and it is this technique that we use to reconnect and with the pelvic floor and heal Diastasis Recti (then the bands of the rectus muscles have separated)

We spend time on the foundations - as you would in building a house. Once you have a strong foundation you can then build up. So lets apply the same idea to your body - take a bit longer to set up the foundations and build up so that when the roof goes on there is no worry about 'giving way' due to weak or non existent foundations or having to constantly do maintenance, or gain injury caused by unstable foundations in the body.

How is the class delivered?

There is so much information for me to pass on to you and to ensure that we get through as much of the movement part in class as possible you will be receiving emails weekly with hints and tips and further information on the techniques that we are using and the whys.

Also these will include information that is important to your post natal journey including nutrition and hydration, sleep hygiene, and of course this will also include reminders of the exercises that we do in class so you can practice at home.

The classes run in blocks of 6 weeks and we are currently booking for the next 6 week block.

Classes are on a Monday or Wednesday at 10:30am

If you would like to join us please can you complete the Questionnaire below and make payment ASAP.


Please can you fill out this questionnaire for me. Please take some time and enter as much information as you can as this will help me to make sure you get what you need from the class as everyone's needs are unique.

These forms are strictly confidential and the information is only shared between you and me.

To complete the form please click on the link and the form will pop up. Once you have entered your answers please click submit and they will be sent to me.


Thank you!


Please make the £60 payment for the 6 week block either online using the Mindbody system; if you have been to class with us before you will probably have an account already so please just reset your password. If you are new to us please create an account as always any problems please drop me a line.

If you have credit on your account from the Prepare classes you will be getting another email following this with your adjusted payment amount.

Book via Mindbody

Or you can make a payment through your online banking.

Contact us to request payment details

One last thing

Please note that these classes are very popular and in order to confirm your space in class receipt of payment will hold your space in the class. (So please do communicate to me if you need a specific payment date) Failure to make timely payment from receipt of this email will mean that your space will pass to the next lady on the waiting list.

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