Prepare Prenatal Pilates by Paisley Pilates

Pilates is a wonderful way to keep mobile, strong and comfortable during pregnancy.

We use a combination of modified Pilates and Pre Pilates exercises to keep you fit and maintain muscle tone.

This class is on a Sunday morning at 9am and is an hour to an hour and a half. This class teaches you how to connect your body to your breath, connecting breath to your abdominals and pelvic floor.

This enables you to use your muscles to support the growth of baby minimising discomfort in your body.

We use a combination of releases for the stiff stuck muscles and modified Pilates exercises to strengthen and tone the whole body as we are aiming for balance.

We have small classes so that each individual can be working at their own level, of fitness, strength and stage of pregnancy. We are also then able to put into place modifications for anyone with specific needs i.e. pelvic pain, joint limitations and energy levels.

What we do

We start with gentle mobilisation exercises for the whole body then we begin strength work which will be different for each individual, as you progress so it starts to get more complicated and more loaded – with the workout being tailored to each person every session. As with all my teaching, technique and alignment are key so how the exercises are performed is far, far more important. We are quality over quantity! Until you get good then it’s both!

We also talk about how pregnancy changes your body and how this affects how you SHOULD exercise. The importance of your posture to you, your ability to carry the growing baby’s weight as comfortably as possible and to baby’s alignment and how this technique can be used in the postnatal period and throughout the rest of your life.


Before you join us you need to have had your 12 week scan and have your midwives/consultants’ agreement that you can exercise (it is very unlikely that they will say no!)

Then I need you to fill in the health questionnaire below - just click on the link and the form will pop up - please fill in your answers and give as much detail as possible - (this is highly confidential and all information remains between me and you only.) The more detail you can give me - the more I can plan to incorporate your needs.


Please always keep me updated as to changes in your health as there are many conditions that can arise in pregnancy that can make exercise contraindicated. I ask at the beginning of class but if you don't want to mention in front of the class please let me know before class.


The cost is £60 for 6 weeks (If you have your baby before the end of the 6 week block, don’t worry the classes are carried over into post natal, so you don’t lose out!)

The way that the classes are run, is that once you are signed up, that mat space in the class is yours until you have your baby so the 6 week blocks just keep following after each other.

You pay for the classes in a block of 6 weeks and ideally these are taken consecutively as continuity will ensure that you get the best results - however that said I am aware that life sometimes gets in the way so these 6 weeks need to be taken within 10 weeks of the first class of your block.

Please make the £60 payment for the 6 week block either online using the Mindbody system; if you have been to class with us before you will probably have an account already so please just reset your password. If you are new to us please create an account as always any problems please drop me a line.

Book via Mindbody

Or you can make a payment through your online banking.

Contact us to request payment details

Please note that receipt of payment secures your space.

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Learn how to safely and correctly begin to exercise after giving birth.

We use the latest theories and practices in the field of postnatal rehabilitation and exercise to ensure that you get the most from your practice.

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